For a moment I had it all…

Found this post of Facebook by Project Sweet Peas. Again, I cried until I couldn’t cry anymore.

“Just For A Moment”
(From A Silent Love, Adrienne Ryan)

“Our hands have touched, our paths have crossed
A love is gained, a love is lost
Just for a moment I kissed the face
Of an innocent child I can’t replace.

Just for a moment a maternal touch
Would say the words that meant so much
A soft caress, the gentle tears
That will make those minutes last for years.

Just for a moment, I held your hand
My broken heart in your command
So much to tell you, so little time
Why were you punished, what was the crime?

They took part of me when they took you away
As much as I love you, you weren’t meant to stay
I gave you a hug that for always must last
As facing the future means leaving the past.

Our souls have merged, I live for you
Perhaps I’m living your life too
I will carry on, I can always stand tall
Because just for that moment, I had it all.”


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