I put what I feel out on the blogs because I know that there are other people feeling the way I do too. I lost my girls in mid-December. I know right now I have a very bleak outlook on life and all that is happening. I know things will get better, but I need to do this. I just received a comment from Anonymous. They didn’t even have the courage to name themselves. At least what I write, I put my name to it. I own it.

The comment:
[The way you are talking you have lost it completely. Yes noone can understand what you are going through but giving everyone else shit because they have healthy kids and decent lives is horrible. Just accept the fact that things happen. Reason or not it happened. But the way you talk you hate the world and you should shut down all media all phone calls, texts and just sit in your bubble and cry. Nothing is going to change unless you do. Yes this is harsh but you need a reality check and quit being heartless]

I am a horrible person, boo hoo I lost my children. Right? I obviously grieve different than you when you lost your child/children. I am glad you can accept things so quickly. But along with my grieving I am helping out a local chapter to support grieving families as well. I donate items to memorial bags, and am going to help plan a fundraiser and memorial ceremony.

I am sorry you don’t like how I grieve, but I have to do this. I am glad you can see all the newborns around you and be happy and rejoice for them. I hope to be that way one day, but for now the wounds are too fresh.


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