First day of OK

James commended me tonight. His words were, “Today was the first day you held it together quite well.” It was true. We went out to the eye doctor, Walmart, Michaels, and dinner. I only cried a few times and only once at dinner. It was my first day of OK. I know I will lapse from time to time, but Avi’s Embrace has given me something to focus on.

In my defense though, I cried once when the Doctor asked me if I was pregnant or just gave birth when asked what medications I was on. I did hold it together when telling the cashier at Michaels what happened to the girls. I bought a lot of baby infant related crafting stuff.

The little things can come with no warning and make me cry. Like James’ shirt today (before he changed) was the one he was wearing when Hazel gained her wings, the baby aisle at walmart, and purple and orange flowers.

Today was the first day of the rest of OK.


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