A week to gather my thoughts

Well cyber world, I am taking a week off and going on a much needed retreat to a cabin in the Smoky Mountains. I may or may not have wifi there. If I do have wifi, I will make a couple of posts, I find it helpful to write here. If not, I will just store them on my iPad and post when I get home.

I know there will be at least one day that James and I have declared, “No electronics day.” So, at the very least, expect one day of cyber silence.

I hope to at least have one day of fun with James, without that horrible feeling of guilt for my girls.

Hopefully this trip allows us to get to know one another again. Through the good times, and the bad. It was our commitment to each other, and we owe it to our girls to love one another fully. (As I write this, James just belched loudly beside me…)



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