A new teddy bear

When James and I first found out we were pregnant with twins, he took me to Build-A-Bear and bought me Patches. A teddy bear that supports sick children. I loved him. James even requested that two little silk hearts be put in its abdomen, and he put the actual beating kind in For me as well, so that i could push it and always hear their heartbeats. From that day on, I slept holding Patches every night until the girls were born.

When we came home from the hospital, I couldn’t even bear the thought of holding him. He was a symbol of my girls. He was just like me, 3 hearts, but only one was still beating. So, I packed him away in my girls’ trunk and haven’t looked at him since.

James knew I missed him terribly, and that I became accustomed to holding him and was now having trouble sleeping. So, while in Gatlinburg James ran into the Kandy Kitchen and bought be a soft stuffed black bear. Last night was the best nights sleep I have had in over 5 weeks.

I love you, James. I know the girls’ love you too for everything you have done for us.


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