“Sorry for the death of your daughter”

First off, it’s “daughters.” Plural. We lost both of our daughters.

Secondly, this is just in very bad taste.

We come home from vacation, one which we took to try and relax and give ourselves a chance to try and smile again, to a mailbox stuffed full.

There is junk mail mostly, but then comes the first of our daughters’ hospital bills. That is a blow in itself, but then we get an envelope that I don’t recognize. I open it to find Crawfordsville Monument Company, sending a one line condolence, “I am writing to offer my sympathy to you in the recent death of tour daughter.” Followed by a line saying they didn’t want to bother us at this difficult time, but wanted to let us know that they are available when we were ready to consider a monument.

They then go on to tell about their monuments, hours, how they now offer QR codes, and a crappy looking brochure of children’s headstones.

Gee, thank you for “ambulance chasing” the local newspapers for recents deaths of children, then not even taking the time to hand write a letter or figure out we had multiple losses.

This made me sick at my stomach. Seriously? Gotta gettem while the body’s still warm! Play on those parental emotions!

Maybe it is just me and my grief talking, this might be perfectly acceptable behavior…but I still don’t like it.


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