I trust You

As a good friend told me, my girls will never have to know the evils of this world. As bad as I want them here with me, I know they will never have to face the burning hurt of a friend stabbing them in the back. I will never have to comfort them when someone at school jealously calls them ugly, fat, stupid, or any other mean words.

They will never have to live through school shootings, murder, or any other evil that only exists in this realm. I selfishly want them to be here in this sadistic/masochistic earth. One day I will join them in heaven. (Deut 1:39, Mark 10:14 John 3:16, 17:3).

And one day, the earth will be devoid of all evils and only good will reign true. (Psalm 37: 9-10, 37:29)


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