1000 Gifts (Updated Daily)

I read about the “One Thousand Gifts Devotional” by Ann Voskamp and decided to give it a try. It is called the “Joy Dare: A dare to live fully, right where you are.” And where I am in Hell. Since I find very little to take joy in right now, I am going to push myself. I am starting a bit late, so I have to catch up. If I can remember anything about the previous days, I will write it for that day. If not, I will double up on daily tasks and put in parentheses the actual date of blessing. I can remenber back due to my blog, emails, FB posts, and text messages 🙂 (My actual memory isn’t that great)

Jan 1: 3 Gifts Heard
1: James’ voice on the phone at midnight
2: Saying Goodbye, UK – http://youtu.be/EzmXiOmkblI
3: James telling me everything would be ok after my first “negative” comment on the blog

Jan 2: A gift outside, inside, on a plate
Outside: Just being outside, not on the couch
Inside: From within, It was my first day of feeling, “OK.”
Plate: Panera’s chipotle chicken sandwhich

Jan 3: Three Graces you overheard
1: The opportunity to try and help someone
2: Children conning their parents
3: Hearing how strong I am

Jan 4: A gift old, new, blue (actually Jan 19th)
Old: When Empty Arms Become A Heavy Burden from Jessica
New: Holding onto Hope from Pastor Dawn
Blue: the twin angels given to me by Susan from Grandma Jane’s collection

Jan 5: Something you are reading, making, seeing
Reading: When Empty Arms become a Heavy Burden
Making: Donations for Avi’s Embrace: Project Sweet Peas
Seeing: My husband beside me when I wake up

Jan 6: One thing in your bag, your fridge, your heart
Bag: Funeral Flower Stone
Fridge: Moscoto
Heart: My precious angels

Jan 7: 3 Graces from people you love (Jan. 26)
1: The many donations my sister has been actively collecting
2: My SIL spreading the word about needed donations
3: The courage my daughters gave me to contact the State Senator to try and get things changed for bereaved parents

Jan 8: Dusky light, surprising reflection, lovely shadow
Dusky light:
Surprising reflection:
Lovely Shadow:

Jan 9: A gift held, passed by, sat with
Held: My Girls
Passed by: a possible life of pain
Sat with: My James

Jan 10: A gift sour, sweet, just right
Sour: Kiwi Strawberry Snapple
Sweet: Honey breaded Chicken for lunch
Just Right: Cream Cheese Jalapeno Poppers!

Jan 11: 3 yellow gifts of fresh mercy
1: The yellow paper in the Specialist’s office where he listed a new pregnancy would be possible
2: The yellow Mellow Mushroom Pizza sign
3: The cabin!! (the walls were a light wood..almost Yellowy..right??!?)

Jan 12: Something above, below, beside
Above: Making soundly to OberGatlinburg on the tram WAY UP in the sky
Below: The penny from our girls
Beside: James

Jan 13: 3 things about yourself you are grateful for
1: My courage to go on
2: My strength to get out of bed
3: My new relationship with “The Man Upstairs”

Jan 14: 3 startling graces from God
1: The birth of my children alive long enough for them to hear I love them
2: His grace of meeting those who are suffering as I am
3: His grace of using me to help others like me

Jan 15: A gift worn, given away, shared
Worn: My December Angel Pin
Given Away: The wood burned picture frames
Shared: The memorial bracelets for our girls

Jan 16: 3 witnessed blessing
1: Our gate is wide open, my dog is sitting inside the gate happily
2: My husband rubbing my feet
3: My husband sleeping beside me. quietly snoring

Jan 17: A Gift Bringing Laughter, Prayer, Quiet
Laughter: James. He is my gift that brings laughter
Prayer: My Girls. They always bring about prayer
Quiet: The wind, you have to be quiet to hear is rustle outside the windows

Jan 18: 3 Gifts From God’s Word
Verses and what they mean to me
– Jeremiah 29:11 The Lord has plans for me
– Mark 10:14 My little girls ARE in Heaven
– Revelation 6:10 Even Saints in their purest form in Heaven question God

Jan 19: 3 Gifts that might never have been
1: Being able to feel a life growing inside me
2: Willow Anne Roark
3: Hazel Jaymes Roark

Jan 20: 3 gifts only seen close up
1: My beautiful c-section scar, a constant reminder of my precious girls
2: My daughters’ beautiful faces in their pictures
3: Their little nails, fingerprints, eye lashes etc

Jan 21: A gift in the sky, water, memory
Sky: Not exactly the sky, but a rainbow appeared on our ceiling in the living room today, not exactly sure of the source
Water: a humidifier, we needed it. Bought with Christmas Gift cards
Memory: I randomly remembered the nurses rushing the babies over to me to see them before being rushed off to the NICU. Beautiful

Jan 22: a gift wrinkled, smoothed, unfolded
Wrinkled : The small pink, featherless, surprise in the birdcage!
Smoothed: Walking into the Muncie house and seeing the changes the new tenants made.
Unfolded: Several old letters to and from James in the boxes from the Muncie house

Jan 23: 3 gifts found in Christ
1: He died for my Sins
2: He LOVES children
3: He has my baby girls in his arms right now

Jan 24: 3 Things Blue
1: Mango, my blue momma ‘keet
2: The sky, I look up at it and wonder…
3: The Neon. I love that old car.

Jan 25: A grace borrowed, found, inherited
Borrowed: courage and strength from my girls to face each day as it comes
Found: My voice, I found it in writing
Inherited: my humor, I got that and my ‘sarcastic ass’ from my dad

Jan 26: A gift before dawn, at noon, and after dark
Before Dawn: The dreams of a ‘normal’ life
At Noon: The snuggly tuxedo next to me
After Dark: James finally comes home

Jan 27: 3 gifts in the kitchen
1: My crafting station for donations
2: the humidifier (much needed)
3: Isis

Jan 28: 3 Graces found in friends
1: Caring
2: willing to listen
3: be there and not pretend to understand

Jan 29: A song heard, soft word, light seen
Song: If I Die young, the band perry
Word: I love you whispered
Seen: God’s love

Jan 30: 3 old things seen new
1: My love for James
2: The trunk for my girls’ stuff
3: My Dad’s picture

Jan 31: A gift on paper, in person, in picture
1: Kind words from a dear friend
2: The visitor I had at the hospital and at home when I was on bed rest
3: I used photoshop to put my girls in the same picture, together, like they should be

Feb 2: 3 Red Gifts
1. The little red DVR is taping light 🙂
2. The red tongues of the socks Jen W. bought for me
3. The berries on the willow tree

Feb 2: 3 Gifts on Paper
1. The letters I write to my girls
2. The little notes James leaves for me
3. My girls’ footprints 🙂

Feb 3: 3 gifts found in writing
1. Jeremiah 29:11
2. Mark 10:14
3. 1 peter 4:8

Feb 4: 3 gifts found when bent down
1. The baby ‘keets
2. My kitties
3. Pennies from heaven

Feb 5: One gift stitched, hammered, woven
Stitched: The outfits donated that my girls were buried in
Hammered: James’ work
Woven: My baby blanket

Feb 6: 3 Gifts found outside
1: My concrete angel
2: My concrete wish
3: Cortana

Feb 7: One gift at 11:30, 2:30, 6:30
11:30: Unexpected friend
2:30 : Understanding ‘friend’
6:30: My support blog

Feb 8: A gift broken, fixed, thrifted
Broken: My Jack musical snowglobe 😦
Fixed: My ipod
Thrifted: The kitchen island

Feb 9: 3 Surprise Gifts – Unexpected Grace
1: A new friend made
2: A realization
3: Unexpected help to someone else

Feb. 10: 3 times you heard laughter
1: From myself
2: On TV
3: Coming from James

Feb. 11: 3 gifts in working
1: Being able to comfort someone else through my work
2: Possibly saving someone’s life
3: being with people who make me smile

Feb. 12: 3 hard eucharisteos
1: Love
2: heartbreak
3: Injury

Feb. 13: 3 gifts behind a door
1: My new ‘keets
2: Our ‘hope’ tote
3: An opening

Feb. 14: 3 ways you feel God’s love
1: through prayer
2: not feeling alone
3: signs

Feb. 15: a gift in losing, finding, making something
Losing: my daughters
Finding: Dr. Henry
Making: anything for Project Sweet Peas

Feb. 16: 3 gifts in shadows
1: a quiet corner
2: emerald green moss
3: silent angels

Feb. 17: 3 gifts found giving/serving
1: Bringing someone comfort in God
2: Helping another through grief
3: Serving my community


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