Can I quit now?

God, please be gentle on me the rest of the day. I know you think I am strong enough, but I’m afraid I might just break.

Psalm 145:14

“The Lord upholds all who fall
and lifts up all who are bowed down.”

Today at work I was asked how I was doing. I told them honestly, not so great, but I am taking it minute by minute. The reply was this, “I’m sorry for your loss, but at least the other little one is doing well. That has to help.” I broke down and bawled. I told them. “No, we lost her.” Reply, “oh, we all have stuff we have to work through right now. Sorry.”

I know they didn’t mean to hurt me, and they weren’t trying to, but it did. It cut like a knife. I know what happened to me is not a priority for anyone here, that most (I say most, not all) people probably don’t even give it a second thought past the first pity. But, I wish at least they could be aware that I lost both of my daughters, that way I don’t have to face that again.

I’m ready to never come back, but that is not possible. Nope, I still have 5 hours here today. Awesome.


3 thoughts on “Can I quit now?

  1. krystal u are stronger than u know and stronger than most people. when someone does this it is because they didn’t know the whole situation. Return the pity, “im sorry we lost both and i would appreciate it if u are going to ask know the details because i cant go thru the pain again” or something like just replying that it was nice of them to ask but no matter how fake their caring it more rude to put “their own problems” in comparison due to those problems were not loosing children! PUT THEM IN THEIR PLACE AND DONT BE AFRAID TO STEP ON TOES TO LET THEM KNOW U ARE NOT THERE BECAUSE U WANT TO TALK ABOUT IT. we love u krystal and i wish u the best in all u do.

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