“House Call”

The title is a bit of a pun, but I’m in a decent mood tonight. This is a shout out to all the Doctors that go that extra mile. My OB called me a couple of weeks after the loss of my daughters to make sure I was doing ok, and see if I needed anything. She didn’t have to do that, she just wanted to. Today, my husband called her office and left a message saying I would like to speak with her, once she was off shift, she called my home phone to speak with me. She made a “house call.” 😉

I spoke with her about my concerns of IC, and the emails from Dr. Sumners and Dr. Haney. She took a huge weight off of my shoulders. It turns out the Specialist she was consulting with and sent all of my medical records and info to WAS Dr. Sumners! I personally emailed Dr. Sumners a while back and asked for his opinion on whether I had IC or not. In  his reply and professional opinion, I did not have IC, but I needed to work closely with my OB to make sure it didn’t happen in any subsequent pregnancies (if there are any). Dr. Haney believed I had IC, but he never saw any of my medical info, so I am inclined not to believe him. I will trust my OB and the other IC specialist.

He is the doctor that consulted with my OB during my bed rest and delivery of my twins. He had full privileges to my records and then as well, said I did not have IC. My cervix length was 2.7 cm at 20 weeks with twins. He said that was fine, if it were a singleton it would be something we had to watch, but with twins everything looked fine.

She spoke with me about the hopes that we would try again and commended me on my healing and all I was doing. Too many times she sees woman who can’t function after their losses, and here I was wanting to make a difference and trying to help others. She then gave me the very sad news.

Last week, she had another young woman lose her child. She gave her my contact info and urged her to get into contact with me when she felt ready. I really hope she does. Not only for her sake, but for mine. It will be good for the both of us. She then told me of a woman who’s membranes just broke. She is currently being treated with steroids. I pray she doesn’t get my info, because that means the worst has happened. I am going to provide my OB with some support groups of pPROM and bed rest sites that might help her on her journey though. I hope she doesn’t give up!

I spoke with my OB about getting a grieving parents packet together. I am going to supply a letter with my contact info, resources, support groups, and other info to be handed out at my OB’s office for bereaved parents. Hopefully, it will help another mother/father in need. Luckily, she thought it was a great idea.

My OB spent a good bit praising me, but honestly, I am getting sick of being told I am the “strongest person they know,” “I am so proud of you,” “You are making your girls proud,” et. I don’t feel strong, or proud of myself. I just want my daughters back.



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