Smashed Hand

Well, this morning I really hurt myself. I can barely move my right hand. I was getting sick this morning and was running to the bathroom when I lost my balance. So I pushed it against the closest thing to try and catch myself. That would be the closet door. Normally, this would be ok, but our closet doors are heavy wooden accordion style doors. Where did I happen to place my hand? Right in the fold-able part. So, the weight of pushing closed the seam right on my hand.

The weird thing is, I am happy it happened. Yes, you read right, I am happy about. I am a 27 year old adult and it happened over 7 hours ago and it still hurts like hell, and I can barely work it. Translation… We need to put locks on the bedroom closets before we ever have children in this house. I never want that to happen to any child staying at my house. So, Thank you girls for the effective reminder.


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