Something I have recently realized is:

God grants miracles every day, I just forgot to ask Him to let them stay…

I took for granted pleading with him, begging him for years to grant me a miracle. He did. He gave me two; I just didn’t think to specify to ask Him to let them live longer than 16 hours and 8 days.

Next time, I will be more specific.


2 thoughts on “Miracles

  1. Right??? I stupidly did not ask for a LIVING baby. And really even that is not specific enough… this time I’m asking for a baby who outlives ME. (Great. This will probably just result in my early death.)

    • I know. The whole 7 weeks of bedrest I prayed that my babies would live. Well, God answered that prayer. I never prayed they would outlive me! I did have two living children, very brief, but they lived. My next prenancy (if I ever get pg again…) I will pray they have long, prosperous, happy, healthy lives. My OH blames himself sometimes, because he prayed for them to be ok and healthy, like they died because we didn’t want children that might have had something go wrong due to extreme prematurity. I sometimes feel like it is the whole ‘be careful what you wish for syndrome”!

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