Excuse the language

I wanted to quote another mother of loss. Recently in one of my online support groups a mother posted along the same lines of a prior post of mine.

“I can’t handle my friends complaining about getting no sleep, and not being able to go out with a newborn. Their social life is over. I just cry. ”

She goes on to say her family expects her to be there for her and offer to baby set to give her a break. So she did and cried the whole night she had to babysit while her friend went out and got drunk, then complained the next day that the baby was crying while she was hungover.

Another loss mother came back and said this, it is what she says every time a friend complains to be about how hard it is to raise an infant.

“Raising a living child is a fucking piece of cake compared to being the mother of a dead one. ”

Some of her other replies she gives:

“The kind of mother is am is more difficult, tiring, time consuming, and worrisome than you will ever be able to grasp. ”

If someone complains about how terrible of a pregnancy they had:

“Oh, did you leave the hospital with your children? (They answer yes) Well then, it wasn’t that terrible, was it?”

Well said. Hang in there mommas. I’m pretty sure the next person that does this to me, will hear one of these.


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