Flashlight in the Dark

I spent the morning working and listening to a podcast of Sunday’s sermon from the ECC Church. The Pastor that day, was someone I hold dear in my heart, Pastor Ara Koliantz. He was the pastor officiating over both of my daughters’ funerals.

I am going to quote him, because he said something that really struck me during his sermon.

“No one cares if you turn on a flashlight in the light, it doesn’t do anything. But even one flashlight in the dark makes a tremendous difference.” – Pastor Ara Koliantz

There were two flashlights working in the darkest part of my life. Ironically, during those times, most people stray further from God, I found him for the first time. He always was with me, but I finally looked to Him.

Pastro Ara came to us, when we didn’t know we needed him. He was one ‘flashlight.’

Sarah King of Project Sweet Peas’s Avi’s Embrace was the other, providing those angel memory boxes for the girls.

Without those two people, I can honestly say I don’t know what state my life would be in right now. Sarah with brining me something to hold onto with my girls and a greater purpose to volunteer for their charity, and Pastor Ara with bringing me the love of God and allowing it into my heart.


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