Baby Pictures

I broke down at work today in front of a lot of people. A co-worker had a niece born last night, so he showed me her picture. A picture ( I am assuming ) of a proud father holding his newborn daughter. The last time I saw something like that, was my husband holding our dead daughter in his arms saying goodbye. I couldn’t hold back the tears, and they came like a river. I had to leave and go sit in the bathroom for about 10 minutes sobbing.

When will it not hurt to see infant pictures? Possibly never, but maybe I can get to a point of at least not crying.


4 thoughts on “Baby Pictures

  1. Why do people do this when they know you have lost your babies? Do they not realise that seeing those images will distress you as it is a reminder that Willow and Hazel arn’t here anymore. It will take as long as it takes to make baby pictures ok to see again, no time limit I am afraid. I myself saw a picture of the olympic runner Mo with his two twins when I opened the paper on the bus to work and lost it. He was in a similar pose to pictures I had of me and hubbie with our twins. That was four months after we lost ours. I started to cry on a plane in January as there was a baby crying on the flight and I found it hard to cope and that was 9 months after they left. It is exhausting being a mommy of angels. I hope your work colleagues were sympathetic and supported you.

  2. I sympathize with you. I have trouble just leaving the house in case I come across babies or children. I change the channel if there is a pregnant lady on tv. I hope it gets easier for both of us someday. Big hug!

  3. This happened to us this past weekend at a get together. I’m getting pretty good at holding it in, but it does feel weird when you know that person knows your pain and stabs you anyway. What was nice was the host who suffered from infertility herself apologized on their behalf. I understand their joy, but sometimes it seems like an overload when your still struggling. Hugs!

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