Picking up the pieces

Today I picked up one of the pieces. It was a small one, but still a piece. I clung to it for awhile, and wandered around mentally with it all day.

Finally, at the end of the day I placed it back it its original place. You can still see the edges from where it shattered and broke away, but it’s back.

Slowly I will pick up the pieces of my shattered life. Some I will cling to longer, others will be avoided until it’s the only thing left.

Slowly my heart will be beautiful again, just in a different way. In the way a stitched quilt is beautiful. Pieces will be different colors, some older, mismatching, and just plain different. But they all come together in the end to make something beautiful.

It doesn’t negate that they were all just pieces at one time, it just shows what you can do with those pieces once again.


4 thoughts on “Picking up the pieces

  1. I remember just living day to day not knowing what the next day had in store & feeling like this pain was never going to end & some times it was so painful I didn’t want to live. But the days that saw those same pieces coming back together & the sun shining a little brighter & not feeling like the warmth & brightness of a beautiful day was a mockery on how I felt inside…was when I knew I was going to be OK. It’s been almost 2 years since we lost our little girl & I can tell you it takes a lot of time & healing but you’ll be able to see the pieces together again. Albeit there will be cracks & never again will you be the same. You will see the light. And it’s never as long as it feels like it’s going to take.XO

    • Thank you for that. I just keep telling myself, one day at a time. If you aren’t already. You should join the Facebook groups for pPROM. Life after pPROM loss, TTC after pPROM loss etc. they are amazing and super supportive, an everyone has been where we were and are going to be. All pPROM moms and dads.

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