Unbaby.me. What is it? It is “A Chrome extension that removes babies from your [Facebook] newsfeed and replaces them with awesome stuff.” I have read thinks like kittens.

I found this today, and honestly thought about it. I have seen all of the horrible reviews from those you have obviously never lost a child saying things like:

Unbaby me? Unfriend me instead.

You can’t handle seeing pictures of my child, grow up.

You are a sick person if you hide pictures of my baby.

Just because you can’t have a baby, doesn’t mean I shouldn’t or shouldn’t show off mine

The list ‘stomach churningly’ goes on. I love my friends, and want to keep up in their news, but after 6 posts a day of ‘look at this face,’ or similar, it really begins to hurt. I AM happy for them, I am happy their baby didn’t die, I am grateful they don’t have to live this life, or understand the pain that goes along with seeing a smiling, living baby.

But please, don’t judge other’s grief until you have walked in their shoes. As for me, I may give this a go. That way I don’t have to be haunted with the ‘my babies should be that age and doing thats’ that come along with seeing your baby, but can still be a part of your life.

I don’t want to block you. I want to be able to see your babies, I honestly do. I wish I could right now, but for now, don’t judge me.


2 thoughts on “Unbaby.me

  1. I simply unsubscribed from the posts of those who were pregnant or having babies right after the loss… it wasn’t “unfriending” them, but I had to click on their page to see any updates.

  2. It hard. I just got so fed up in the end I stopped going on fb at all. Now I have gone off fb and just cant be bothered. Blocking some peoples photos doesnt always work as fb is hard to filter. I hope the app helps

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