NICU Bills

Well, finally worked something out with the hospital on the NICU bills. It just sucks that after everything, now we have to worry about another 100+ dollar/month bill. I know the doctors and nurses need paid, it’s just hard to think about when you see a record of “deceased” on two bills with words of “first payment due within 5 days or it will go to collections.”

Please don’t get me wrong, it was worth it to spend those couple of hours with Willow, and those precious few days with Hazel. It’s just so hard after walking out of the hospital with nothing but a clear bag with a hat and blanket in it and empty arms. It feels like just another monthly reminder that I failed them.


2 thoughts on “NICU Bills

  1. I am so sorry you have to deal with that as well. That bill is like a slap in your face. I’m dealing with a lot of bills as well. Especially since my out of pocket restarted 1-1-13 at 12:01 am. My response, “Send em to collections. Let’s see if you care after losing your two children.” Just do what you can. I’ve always been told that they can’t send you to collections if you even pay just $10 a month, just to show that you are trying.

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