This article sickens me. Those children are blessings. Goes to show that even those struggling with infertility are not always thankful for their blessings.

My Wife is Expecting Twins, and I’m not Happy About it


3 thoughts on “Sickened

  1. No wonder he decided he wanted to be anonymous he would have been strung up by many of us. I used to worry how we would cope with two at the same time, but we were both excited to be getting two children. Ungrateful man.

  2. They played the odds and got the jackpot. I played the odds and came out the loser.

    I’d be terrified it I learned I’d be having twins, but as someone who has struggled with infertility for four years, I’d be elated. I can’t imagine trying “desperately” and then begrudging twin boys. There is a part of me that just gets angry. A one bedroom apartment?

    And the fact that he wished for a genetic abnormality kills me. As someone who terminated a pregnancy for an anomaly, who the hell wishes for that? If you want to selectively reduce, fine. I may not agree with you, but what he just described is disgusting.

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