IVF injections

I just read an interesting article about a woman doing a ‘living art’ piece. She is going through IVF and will be doing all of her self injections publicly in a gallery.

The article goes on to explain that some woman do as many as 3 injections a day for 10 days.

The program director (Corey Kegan Whelan) at a The American Fertility Association went on to comment via Facebook on the article saying, “Injections are never more than once a day and some for only 4-7 days.”

I quickly replied that that may be true for her, but not all. Mine were 3x daily with my girls. Total days was 14 days of injections.

Obviously they do things differently at the clinic she is a program director for, but if I were at her clinic, I would leave. Any fertility program director that didn’t know there could be variations in protocol from person to person is NOT someone I want handling my only chance at becoming a mother!


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