Mother’s Day

What a hard day today is for baby loss moms., but what is harder is when you are not recognized as being a mother by those around you. People wishing everyone a happy mother’s day, going out and celebrating, and then not including you.

If you are worried about hurting someone on mother’s day, still recognize them. They are a mother. Say, “Have a gentle and peaceful Mother’s Day,” instead of the traditional chipper “Happy Mother’s Day.” This way you let the person know you are thinking of them, and are acknowledging that they are a mother still.

Ignoring them, or not saying anything can be construed as not recognizing them as a mother. I know this may not be how you are meaning it, but in a BLM’s eyes, on a day that is horridly emotional to begin with, it can seem that way.

I received a text message from my mom today saying, “Happy Mother’s day. Thank you for giving me two little angels.”

I cried so hard reading it, not because it upset me, but because she recognized me as a mother, and my daughters as her grandchildren. It meant the world to me.

So, wishing everyone a Peaceful and Gentle Mother’s Day. Try not to be hard on those who don’t *seem* to recognize you today. It may be that they are just uncomfortable with the idea and how to say something without hurting you.




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