Another lesson

Weird lessons I’ve learned after losing my daughters:

There are people I should have been closer to

There are people I should not have been so close with

People get tired of hearing about your loss

People don’t want you to mention your children unless they are living

Family isn’t always supportive

People you expect to be there for you sometimes aren’t

People you never expected to care, do

People can say very hurtful things when trying to help

People move on around you

People stop asking/caring if you are ok

Relationships (of all kinds) change.

Some people are so curious about death, they ask really inappropriate questions

Even other mother’s who have lost a child can be hurtful

If you don’t have any other children other than your angels, other mothers of loss STILL might not see you as a mom just because you haven’t raised a child

The list, I’m sure, goes on but I’m tired.


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