Prayer Request

A good friend of mine (another pPROM loss Mom) could use some prayers and positive thoughts today. She is heading to the OR in a couple of hours for an emergency cerclage.

2 weeks ago her cervix measured 3cm. Yesterday, she had her biweekly and there was no measurable cervix left and was slightly open. Please pray (or what ever you do) that this emergency cerclage can be placed, doesn’t rupture her membrane, and holds.

I know she is scared of pPROM again (as with her beautiful MP), And she could use the strength of all of our support. She is an amazing fighter and so is her little boy.

I’m so torn up about this. It is bringing back raw emotion. I’ve been praying all night and morning. Love, hugs, prayers, strength, and light, J. You can do this. 💗


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