Stress, pressure, and anxiety

This last week has been hell. Not the same hell week I had in December, but a different kind… Or if you are familiar with Dante, maybe I’ve been there for awhile now and just dropped down again.

I have been up all night throwing up from the stress, pressure, and anxiety this week has been. I haven’t slept well since Tuesday, and when I do it has been laced with nightmares of holding bloody, dead babies in my arms. The stress of this week is breaking me. I’m so sick of having to fart rainbows around everyone. I’m so thankful it is Friday, I am thankful for friends who have been there for me, and for my music.

I just need some time off where James and I can spend it together and shut off outside communication, but that’s not even going to happen.



4 thoughts on “Stress, pressure, and anxiety

  1. I know you wrote this awhile ago, but I truly believe that depression and anxiety isn’t a sign of being weak. It’s a sign of being strong for too long. I have just started to let myself feel what I feel no matter who is around. Stay strong, but let yourself go weak every know and then.

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