August 19th – Day of Hope

4 thoughts on “August 19th – Day of Hope

    • This is taken directly from http://carlymarieprojectheal.com/international-dates/august-19th-day-of-hope

      “A day of speaking out aloud about the babies and children that are no longer here. It is a day healing and a day of HOPE. August 19th breaks the silence surrounding the death of babies and children. We want August 19th – Day of Hope to be a movement of peace.”

      It is trying to help break the silence and give hope to the families that have lost a child/ren. In so many places it is still considered taboo to speak of children who have died. I know I feel it. No one wants me to talk about my daughters. They don’t want to hear about even the good memories after they were born, the things I remember from the short hours here. They get uncomfortable and change the subject on me. I’m just like any other proud mother, why can’t I talk about my kids too?

  1. It’s a weird place to be in when you loose a baby & no one seems to want to talk about them. A couple of my friends would talk about her all the time & I loved it. It comforted me. As time has passed I need to talk about her less. I felt if I didn’t, I’d not think about her & that means she wans’t significant….anyway…I think in time, you might feel that way too.

    People don’t want to see you upset or sad & that is why people don’t encourage the conversation. And it makes people uncomfortable.
    All that matters is that there is someone to hear you. Someone who cares & knows some times you want to talk about them.

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