Orange and Purple

There is a significance to these colors. When we were handed Willow, as her heart was beating for the last time, she was wrapped in a soft purple blanket. So we buried her in a purple jumper. From that day forward, we have always associated purple with our sweet Willow.

While Hazel was in the NICU, they placed her on an orange blanket with purple flowers. It was like her sister’s spirit was always with her. All the nurses talked about how good the orange looked with her. It was her color.

When we buy decorations for the graves we try to stick to these colors.

This weekend, James and I went shoe shopping because mine and his shoes were falling apart. I love bright neon colors and one pair jumped out at me. A neon orange pair. I loved them. I wanted to get new laces for them because they always come with plain ones. As I am trying to decide, James hands me a pair of purple laces. Not thinking, I ask him if it would look alright. He places them in my hand and holds it with a half smile. “The girls. They can always be with you. ” It took everything in me not to cry. How could I have missed it? I love James and the thoughtful ways he helps keep our daughters in our lives everyday.



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