20 Lessons Loss has Taught me about Motherhood, love, and life

Taken from Still Standing Magazine: Original link : 


20 lessons loss has taught me about motherhood, love, and life


1. Be grateful for this moment. Because everything can change in an instant.

2. The art of patience and standing still while still standing.

3. It’s ok to cry. Lakes, rivers, oceans…let the tears flow.

4. Time will heal, but the scars will always remain.

5. The magnetism of true friendship…

6. …And learning the ones who aren’t there for us really just aren’t worth it.

7. Our babies can still leave a legacy even if they don’t walk this earth with us.

8. To not sweat the small stuff, or try not to anyway.

9. Every loss matters, no matter the circumstance.

10. There can be joy again, if we open our heart up to receive it.

11. I’m a whole lot stronger than I ever imagined.

12. Embrace change. Not everything will fit into our master plan.

13. We have to have guts to be willing to risk it all again.

14. Photography can heal a broken heart.

15. Not everyone will understand how we feel. And that’s ok.

16. Anger has its place, but there is more power in letting go.

17. Our babies live on. In the light, in the flutter of butterfly wings, or in the whispers of a cool autumn breeze.

18. It’s ok to smile. And really mean it.

19. Our lost child want us to rediscover happiness through igniting our inner child.

20. We are not alone and a whole worldwide community is waiting with open arms to give us a huge hug and say ‘I’m sorry we’ve met this way, but I’m glad you’re here.


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