In Memory of…

I am using this post to reach out to other mother of loss. September 8th-14th the charity I work for is holding an Auction to raise funds for memory boxes and NICU bags. I know a lot of the moms on here do crafts, jewelry, blankets, etc in memory of their sweet angels. I don’t want to make anyone uncomfortable my sending them a direct message and asking for a donation when maybe they don’t want to or don’t have the time. So, I am asking on here.

Is there anyone who would like to donate a homemade of bought gift to the auction in memory of their angel, or to help support their shop/project? Any donation we receive, we will list a link at the auction with the donation. So maybe you want to spread the word about your business, charity, or blog… we could list that link and bidders could visit and see who is donating and why.

My personal shop is donating to the auction, as well as several etsy shops and some big name/brand items which will be released shortly. Two I am VERY excited about!!! I can’t wait to be able to tell who and what they are donating!

Items do not have to be loss related either! We have lotions, food products, gift certificates, etc all being donated.

Anyone wanting to donate can contact me at

The online auction site will be updated shortly and can be found here:

Additional Links:
Project Sweet Peas

Forever My Sweet Pea (Geared toward loss) – We do FREE graphic giveaways personalized for your angel(s) usally 2x a month


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