Good Quotes

I love a good quote. They can make you feel in ways you felt you couldn’t express. 

I love the tagline on this blog: The Far Rim

It really speaks worlds to me. Besides that, the blog author has saved my life, in the most literal meaning of the sentence. He, is my husband. I’m not as strong as people say I am. I’m not as strong as many of the women’s blogs I follow. Some do this with no partner, some with a partner but still stand strong alone. I, am not like that I guess. I fell apart. He got me out of bed, made sure I ate something, hell he even made sure I continued with hygiene. 

If you are a gamer, or know someone who is, pass his blog along. He has a eloquent way with words that I do not. He only has a couple of posts now, but I see big things in his blogging future. I see him far surpassing my amount of views and followers in a fraction of the time.


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