I’m no fun anymore

Evidently, my sense of humor and fun left with my girls.  Things I used to think were funny, are now out of line.

Recently in the town I work in, the schools have been on lock down no less than twice in the last month due to shots fired in the neighborhoods surrounding. There were a few people shot a killed in an apartment complex and more.

My co-worker comes over to me at lunch trying to figure out a problem he is having. He wants to set up motion detectors that go off when kids get on his porch for Trick-or-treating. When the gets get up there, it triggers Bose speakers hidden in the rocks to a shot gun being cocked, and a man yelling get off my porch, before firing shots. I refused to help him figure this out. I told him, this year, that probably isn’t a good idea with all that has happened in the last month.

This of course, spurred and argumentative side of him, saying, “There are kids stabbed in schools, should we ban knives now?”

I told him I wasn’t saying ban guns or knives. It’s just bad timing this year. As a mother who has had two children die, I would be pissed if I came to your house., but maybe I’m just a cranky old b!tch now.

I look at things in a whole new light now. I will NEVER complain about my kids and try to jokingly ‘sell’ them to co-workers, family, friends, etc. I will never complain that I didn’t get enough sleep because the baby just wouldn’t go to bed. I look forward to cherishing every moment with a living child. I can’t wait to have spaghetti-o stains on the carpet, and dirty fingerprints on the white walls. I want to look like shit in the morning and have to have a gallon of coffee to keep me going at work because I got to spend all night with my child.

I find it different if you are going into a ‘Haunted House/attraction and something like that happens, you are paying for it to. Having gags that scare, and creep, and startle are fine. I’m not against Hallowe’en fun. I wouldn’t want a two year old to walk onto that porch, it would scare them to death. It is motion activated and he doesn’t view his audience ahead of time to screen for that sort of thing. I’ve done pranks and stunts for trick-or-treaters all my life, but I always screened who was coming. I wouldn’t do it to the little ones.

I don’t know, maybe I was in the wrong here, but I stood my ground anyway. With all the recent shootings, parents are worried enough. Maybe it would be just fine next year and I wouldn’t have thought twice about helping him get it set up. But this year, this year it crosses a line with me.


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