Just a few more days!

Love this post. I’m a gamer, and I appreciate support (even if you are competitors) contains ***Triggers/Ments***

The Far Rim

One console launch has come and gone this past weekend without too much of a hiccup with the next (bigger) console launch under way in roughly 5 more days!  That’s right, the Xbox One!  I have always taken part in console launches in the past but this one is by far the one I’m the most excited about!  Why?  Well it is simple…2013 will be the best year of my life.  Not just because Microsoft is debuting their next big console, but come Christmas I will be able to play and enjoy my new Xbox One with my wife AND my son 🙂  It just goes on to show that when you wish hard enough on every shooting star you see in the galaxy, that dreams can and do come true!

Also something that is noteworthy in case you missed it this past week but Microsoft made an official announcement…

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