pPROM help and hope

Through this blog I have connected with so many women and men who have lost children in various ways, ages, and gestations. I hate and appreciate it at the same time.

I hate that I know this many people who have lost children and know the pain, but I appreciate not feeling alone.

I wish I were alone in this though, because if I were, ten no one else would have had to have their heart ripped out.

For those who have found me after going through pPROM themselves, you are not alone. There is a wonderful Facebook group strictly devoted to families who have lost children as a result of pPROM.

Life after pPROM Loss

This group helped me to heal tremendously. It showed me that the things I was feeling had validation. Others felt the same way. I was no longer alone.

There are other groups too, for when you are ready to TTC again, TTC via IVF (a group I run), pregnancy after pPROM loss, and raising a rainbow.

All are wonderful groups and can be found in the files section of the life after group.

I loved having a place to share the beautiful pictures of my daughters. A place without the shocked looks, or braised comments. Everyone loved seeing my girls and told me how beautiful they were. Compared peach fuzz hair to their angels’ hair, how they had similar fingers or toes.

I felt safe. Safe to share how proud I was of them. But the best part? Every single person there recognized me as a mother. Something some of my own family doesn’t even seem to do.

I hope this place helps you, and if you aren’t a pPROM mom or dad, I hope you can find a similar group.



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