I am not the same

This mornings GriefShare Daily email hit a chord with me. How true it rang. Even if you aren’t religious, I think you can relate to what it is saying about being changed. I’m not her anymore. It’s almost like I need a new name I am such a different version of the old her.

You Are Not the Same
Day 329

[You are not the same person you were before. Too much has changed within and without. Do not try to fall back into the same patterns because you will only struggle to fit into a lifestyle that no longer fits. In order to live this new life, you must first identify the areas of your life that you struggle with, and then take steps to learn how to move forward in those areas. For instance, you might find yourself in new situations that you are not comfortable in without your loved one, or you might have new responsibilities that you do not know how to fulfill because your loved one used to take care of them for you.

Here is where you need to grow. God will provide what you need to experience true growth. Pray for wisdom as you develop new patterns of living.

By God’s grace you can be changed. You do not have to try and be the person you were before, because that is not possible. Instead …

“Put on the new self, which is being renewed in knowledge in the image of its Creator” (Colossians 3:10).

Lord, even though I don’t necessarily want to change, I know that I must. Give me confidence and wisdom in the areas that I struggle with. Amen].

I am not the same without my daughters. I will never be.


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