Stick Figure Happiness

I have to admit, before infertility was thrown in my face, before I had to bury two perfect daughters, I wanted a stick figure family for the back of my car. I dreamed of the day I could put my husband and I with a child or two happily on the back of my Rendevous. Stick figure happiness. Now, I see them and want to scream. It’s like happiness is being rubbed in my face. It churns my stomach. **Trigger** Sure I could have three babies put on there, but then that wouldn’t tell the story would it? It wouldn’t show how special two little girls are, or a rainbow son. I post on my rainbow blog a lot about what it means to have my son. The loss, the love. If my daughters were here, I wouldn’t have him. If they lived, he would have never existed. To want them back so badly would mean to deny him life, but to love him so greatly means to deny them longer lives… Such a paradox…

Then, tonight a friend showed me this, and I love it! Maybe I need to do this…


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