Lifelong Friend

Beautiful Poem that describes the BL community xx


Lifelong Friend

Do you need me? Do you need a friend?
…Someone like me who, you know, won’t pretend.
Do you need me, like I need you?
…For all the things and trouble that you’ve been going through.
I can be here. I will stay near.
…If you ever wanna talk I will lend my ear.
Because I need you, just like you need me.
…For all the hurt, pain, grief and tragedy.
I will be here and I won’t let you down.
No one will get to you, at least not while I’m around.
I wanna see you smile. I’ll make it worth your while.
Let me show you how much you’re really worth.
I wanna make you rethink ever regrettin birth.
You can hold my hand or I’ll hold yours.
I’ll be the one helping you open up those doors.
But before that, we gotta close some first.
Open doors…

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