Things are getting better

Things seem to be calming down in my grief, but have been replaced by some whole new feelings that I talk about in my ***trigger*** rainbow blog. I can finally sit and think about the girls, their details, their personalities, everything really for a good while without crying. Don’t get me wrong, there are still major grief triggers that cause me to bawl my eyes out and choke, but as long as I am not caught off guard, I can have happy moments in my memories with the girls. I can think of Willow and Hazel and have a beaming smile. I have waited a long time for this. I really thought that day would never come. It only took almost 15 months.

15 months. Wow. I can’t believe it has been that long since the girls came into my life and left so quickly. I just know they are watching from somewhere else, giggling and playing.

“My love will find you wherever you are..”


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