Extra Cash and Products

So, I accidentally posted on the wrong blog about ways to make extra cash and how to score free stuff, then I realized, There are a lot of people following this blog that are doing infertility treatments, paying off funeral bills, etc. Why not post here too!

Sites to easily earn extra cash (Some of these links are referral links, I get a kickback, and so will you for using them!)

I post in my other blog about this stuff more HERE

Survery sites:

Vindale – Tricky, you have to be careful not to subscribe to stuff, but has high payouts After being part of this survey group for a month now, I cannot recommend it.
Opinion Outpost – Qualify and you can get $10 in paypal in a little under a week with surveys!
Mturk.com – Do tasks for Paypal cash or Amazon credit

Turn points into Cash:

Bing – Do daily searches using their engine ( I usually just search every letter of the alphabet). Doing this you will earn enough for $5 in gift cards every 28 days
Swagbucks – Another search engine one


iBotta – Submit receipts when you buy select products and get money back via gift cards and paypal! *****YOU MUST CLICK THE LINK FROM A SMARTPHONE*****
Receipt Hog – Submit pictures of all receipts for points that can turn into gift cards ***OU MUST CLICK THE LINK FROM A SMARTPHONE***
Checkout 51 – similar to ibotta

Write for Cash:

Insta — tutoring, must be a college student
Odesk — write short articles for pay
Elance— write short articles for pay
Textbroker — write short articles for pay

As I remember more, I will post them!


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