Beautifully said

I try not to post too many pictures of my daughters, because I know it freaks people out a bit. I am so proud of them and how beautiful they are, yet I have a limited crowd I can show them too…


3 thoughts on “Beautifully said

  1. Hubbie found a site recently off another grieving mom who is an artist. She had the same problem of people freaking out however she found that folks are not weirded out by seeing sketches of them. She now does them for other parents reasonably priced. We are getting some of max and holls. The site is

  2. I have struggled with this alot–with people not wanting to see my Luke. I posted his pics on my blog, which feels good, and at Christmas I included him in our picture collage card and even put it on FB. I feel defensive against people who refuse to look at him and it makes me angry. it’s hard to remember that it’s unfamiliar/scary to some. I would love to see pictures of your daughter if you want to share them.

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