Feeling Horrible

I think I finally figured out the answer to my question about why I miss the girls so much today. I think it all has to do with their headstone(s). This is when we were supposed to get them and have the foundation poured. But, all the money we saved up for it is gone. My husband lost his job and we have had to blow through our savings to stay a float. I feel horrible and guilty about it. Why do we have to have so many punches thrown our way? I know God has a plan, and we are seeing into it and getting glimpses all the time, but what purpose does not being able to get their headstones play?


4 thoughts on “Feeling Horrible

  1. I’m sorry, that stinks. We are having some financial challenges too and I feel like we will never get the medical bills from Luke paid off. It is hard to have finances tied to such emotional things.

    • I know. We are still paying on the NICU bills for the twins, and their funerals. It is like every month I get this constant little reminder that they died 😦

  2. Its so hard as its another milestone to get past, to know with the headstone there they will never be forgotten. They will understand honestly. You will get there it will just take time. I don’t understand why you still get tested and you have this financial nightmare. Hang in there hun. Xx

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