Missing my little LAMBs

Today I am hit hard with the loss of my little LAMBs (Loss of All in Multiple Birth). I don’t know why today is hitting me so hard. It isn’t a special day for them, or a milestone. They never existed during the month of April. They were conceived via IVF in late June and were born and died in December. Maybe it is because tomorrow is my birthday. I don’t really know to be honest. I’m not looking forward to tomorrow, honestly, I forgot about it until yesterday when a co-worker reminded me. 

Thinking of my little girls as LAMBs is comforting. Soft and cuddly, pure white, innocent. I can see myself getting a little cross and putting two little lambs on either side of it. A subtle reminder of them. 


One thought on “Missing my little LAMBs

  1. Mb its a combo of easter and your birthday. I always miss max and holly on my birthday and I found easter saturday hard this year…but that might be because easter saturday two years ago is when holly passed. Some days are wonderful and others quite frankly blow. Happy birthday my fav yummy rainbow mommy xxxx

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