LMN- Birth in the Wild

Scrolling through headlines today, I am stopped mid scroll. I see this headline accompanied by a naked women thumbnail picture:

A reality show too far? New U.S. series films women giving BIRTH in the wild with no help from doctors

—see bottom of post for more info if you haven’t seen this yet

Whoa. Boy was I shocked to see that one. Immediately there were several thoughts going through my head.

  • Why?
  • Who would be stupid enough to do this
  • Do they know how dangerous this is?

Then, curiosity got the best of me. I read the comments. HA! There were so many women on there bashing the hell out of those who thought like me.

  • This is beautiful and natural
  • Doctors are evil and induce women
  • This is safer than a hospital
  • Germs won’t hurt the baby stupid
  • I was sooo unhappy with my birthing experience, I would love this!
  • People never used to go to hospitals to birth, and they were fine


Ok, to SOME it is beautiful. I, do not find the process beautiful at all, but the thought of it is. Doctor’s are not evil, some women have to be induced (myself included) to save their or their child’s life. Yes, sometimes doctors induce when they don’t need to, but it doesn’t cause your child tremendous harm as many crunchy ass granolas spout.

This is in no way safer than a hospital. Yes, women did give birth back in the old days with no doctor or hospital. MANY women died during child birth, had still born, or severely health compromised children too. Most of these could have been avoided given proper medical care.

I have seen the “I wasn’t happy with my birthing experience” shit spouted on Facebook by friends many times. Don’t complain to me about your experience. Did you bring your child home with you? I’m not happy with my first birthing experience either, why you ask? Because both of my children died, that’s why.

Who cares if you didn’t get to play your medication tracks on your ipod while birthing in a water pool? So what the doctor had to do a c-section to SAVE YOUR BABIES LIFE and now you are bitching about it..

I get so frustrated seeing these things. Every loss mom I know that now has a rainbow didn’t care HOW  their baby got here, as long as their baby lived. They don’t bitch that they didn’t get the birth that they wanted. They rejoice that they had a LIVE child to bring home.

I would have given up so much to take my daughters home with me.


When my OB discussed ‘birthing options’ with me in my rainbow pregnancy, I looked her right in the eye and said, “I don’t care how he makes his way into this world, as long as I get to take him home alive with me. Be it induction, c-section, natural, I don’t care. Do whatever you need to do to bring him safely to me.” And she did.

Just my two cents, now go bitch again how you had to have a c-section….




5 thoughts on “LMN- Birth in the Wild

  1. I can’t even look at the link. I”m afraid I”ll get too riled up. Amen to all you said! I”m “unhappy” with my birthing experience too. I didnt get to bring my baby home. give me whatever to take one home alive and I’ll be happy.

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