Capture your Grief – Day 3 : Before

Day 3: Before

Before, I was ‘that’ girl. I didn’t know the dice were loaded against me. I took chances, because after all, how often does (insert bad thing) happen? I was free from fear and my mind. I was young and had plenty of time to live my life. Before, I didn’t look at the statistics and run it against probability. I just did it. I’m not saying I don’t take chances now, I am just more aware of what can go wrong. I don’t think, “Ehh, that won’t happen to me.” After all, not only am I 1 in 4 (Pregnancy and Infant Loss), I am 1 in 8 (infertility), I am 1 in 200 (suffered from PUPPPS), and probably more that I haven’t researched yet.Β #Captureyourgrief



7 thoughts on “Capture your Grief – Day 3 : Before

    • Haha. I meant fail on my part. Lol my phone did that. I guess I felt I was a little to worry free. Maybe if I would have worried more or been more settled down my daughters wouldn’t have died. Days before my water broke I spent 12 hours on my feet perusing my dream of being a photographer. I had no business shooting a wedding. 😦

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