Capture your grief – Day 4: Now

Day 4: Now

I’m not the same woman I used to be. I transformed. I was a caterpillar roaming through earth without a care in the world. Happy and carefree. One day a major change happened. I wrapped myself up tight, and trapped myself in darkness. Curling up and drawing my body in close, I built up walls around me. Slowly that hard, dark, outer shell began to let the light in, growing more and more transparent. Eventually it began to show that a major metamorphosis had happened. I was not the same caterpillar as before, no, in my darkest time I had transformed. I changed. Slowly I emerged. Now, I sit on the outside letting my wings dry. Slowly. One day, I will fly, but not today. For Now, I am just learning to live my new life day to day.#Captureyourgrief



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