Capture your Grief – Day 5: Journal

Day 5: Journal

Almost 2 years ago, I didn’t know how journaling (or even blogging) would help me through some of the struggles I felt internally. It was hard to connect with those who hadn’t been through the loss of a child. It was hard to explain to them how I couldn’t just, ‘move on with my life.’ It was difficult to explain that my life would never ‘move on’ past those days in December. How can you explain how time can stand still, yet have everything change around you to someone who had never had it happen. Even if I wanted to ‘move on’ past those day (which I don’t), I can’t. Sometimes I relive them in my dreams at night. I was given the gift of a journal when Willow died from a very special family who also experienced the loss of a son. At first I didn’t know what to do with it. What was I supposed to write in there?? Then, a few days after Hazel died, I wanted to talk to them so badly, but it felt weird to talk out loud. I already felt crazy after they died, I didn’t want to add to it. So I began to write to them in the journal. It was one of the most healing things I ever did. Then, I started to blog. I created an online journal that was accessible to anyone who needed it. I started I began to connect with other families. Families new and old in their grief. It was amazing to finally have people who knew what it was to be stuck in time, yet still live their lives in the present. I am eternally thankful to them. #Captureyourgrief

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