Capture your Grief – Day 6: Books

Day 6: Books

I have always loved books. I would get lost in their words and let myself fall into their story. What I didn’t know, was that one day I would need them. I would need to read their words to survive. I would consume them one after another, praying for answers, and ultimately being saved.

I began searching with all of my might, the internet, scripture, book after book, everything, trying to find answers to questions I didn’t even know to ask let alone if they existed.

I began taking notes, feverishly writing down page numbers, marking pages, flipping from book to boom. Reading and rereading over and over again. I found myself submerged in the writings of those who had survived. My books became precious to me. Some I were given as gifts, some I bought on my own.

Words written by others somehow flowed out of my heart and onto the pages. Somehow, someone else, knew my troubles. ‪#‎Captureyourgrief‬



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