Capture your Grief – Day 7: Sacred Place

Day 7:  Sacred Place

The most sacred place I keep my girls is a place that no one can ever take from me. It can never be vandalized or defaced, and there is room for everyone. My sacred place is my heart. They forever live there. I always carry them with me, and as long as my heart is beating, it beats to the rhythm of their memory.


From the first moment I saw their flickering heartbeats on the monitor, my heart skipped a beat. It was in that moment that they forever jumped in and made a place to call their home.

Their sacred place helps them to live anywhere I look at any time. I see them constantly in the sunrise and the sunset. I see them in the rain and flowers. I see them dancing in the first snow fall, and on the petals of the first spring flowers. #Captureyourgrief



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