Not how I planned

Sometimes I guess I don’t think. I previously posted an article “20 things that baby loss moms do that seem crazy but aren’t” on my blog. I loved the article. I posted who the article was by, states those were not my words, and linked to the original post. I posted the whole article on my blog because I know a lot of people are mobile these days and sometimes links are tricky (I know I sometimes have issues with my iPhone), but I wasn’t thinking.

I was contacted by the author (How excited was I to be contracted???) but it turns out it wasn’t such a good contact. By posting the article in its entirety, I was driving traffic away from her blog and posting pictures I didn’t have a license to post. I was asked (kindly may I add!) to take it down except for the link.

I don’t think about these things. I guess I don’t think about blog traffic ect. I get excited at 3-4 views a week!! Haha. I was just trying to spread a beautiful message, but I did it the wrong way.

Moral of the story: if you find a great article, just post the link.

I’m probably going to crawl into a hole for a bit and lick my wounds. This has been very embarrassing for me.


3 thoughts on “Not how I planned

  1. I”m still learning all the ins and outs of the blogging world too! I could totally see myself doing the same thing! we should have a little support group for novice bloggers 🙂

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