*Triggers* #SpreadtheLovey – Baby Jack & Co.

Contains Triggers – MENTS of my rainbow and My Angels

#SpreadtheLovey is an amazing campaign started by Baby Jack & Co.

“#SpreadtheLovey is our kindness campaign that encourages others to give the gift of comfort to kids in need in hospitals and military organizations throughout the US.”

After reading the statement, how could you not love the message? Many reading this blog know my commitment to helping families in any way that I can. I have my own NICU experience that didn’t have a happy ending, but that doesn’t mean it was any less meaningful. Since then, I have been committed to campaigns that help families, including Project Sweet Peas. Through them, I help make and donate memory boxes to families who have lost a child, and NICU care packages for families with a child in the NICU.

It was through Project Sweet Peas’ annual auction that I bought my first Baby Jack & Co Lovey. Immediately, I was impressed by the craftsmanship of the blanket. It looked like a carefully hand sewn with love blanket that any Grandma would make their grandchild. My son came to adore it and love the little tags. As he got older, he loved to run his hands over the silky side, and chew on the tags while teething.

While the price is higher than the ones you can buy at a big box store, you lose that family connection. The feeling that the lovey was made with your child in mind. If you have a minute, take it to go over and read their story, and read about Jack!

If you are Christian, or know someone who is having their child Dedicated or Baptized, this is my favorite lovey! I plan to order one for Dex the next time I get paid! I’m very excited about it. 🙂


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