You are not alone

You are not alone

Those can be immensely powerful words. They can bring you back from what feels like the deepest depths of despair and shine a single ray of hope in an otherwise dark time.

You are not alone.

Words uttered by a stranger that can have the lasting comfort and hope of a life long best friend. A time of need where you do feel so alone in a word full of people.

April 19-15 is National Infertility Awareness Week. A week that I have come to know all to well. You can read about my journey through infertility and loss at The Beginning to the End.

Infertility impacts 1 in 8 couples. Did you read that?? 1 in 8. That seems pretty common, yet there is such a taboo and hushed society around it. I know I felt embarrassed by my infertility at first. I was a women, aren’t we SUPPOSED to be able to make babies and carry them if we choose to? Does this make me less of a women because it seems I have trouble doing both these natural things?

Once I broke open my own shell of fear, shame, and anxiety about it, I learned all all the women around me who were just like me.

I was not alone.

I felt like I could breath once again. I was so nervous about posting my infertility journey for all to read, but it empowered me. It let me take back my fertility. Not in a way that I could all of a sudden get pregnant, but it was now my choice to share. It gave me a choice when it felt like there were none.

I am not alone. I am 1 in 8. I am breaking the silence. 

Now, who are you?




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