Sometimes I wonder….

I was listening to the song “I am not alone,” By Kari Jobe and I started reading through the comments on the youtube video.

A woman put her heart out there that she and her husband have been struggling for 3 years to try and have a child. She felt very alone and upset, and that song really pulled her from the depths. She spoke of how hard it was to see all of her friends get pregnant with ease or announce unplanned pregnancies.  Many replied to her comment that they would be praying, thinking of her, and may more things, BUT one comment stuck out and instantly angered me…

you know it goes both ways…..unplanned babies are no picnic to us either…

Really? Really?? REALLY?????

I’m just not even going to go into it here. Anyone coming to this blog knows my feelings and can imagine the rant I would go on here.



2 thoughts on “Sometimes I wonder….

  1. Oh my gosh. That is a ridiculous comment. I can’t believe someone would say that at all and especially to someone who is struggling so hard to become a mother. By the way, I so love that song. It speaks to me so much about my fertility journey.

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